Become an Owner Operator

Want to become an owner operator. We have some 2013 Coronados with 800,000 + kms for sale in house. We have two options available.
Option 1: nothing down, 2076.52 for 24 months till paid for plus 200.00 per statement to make the down payment.

Option 2: $5000.00 down and 2076.52 for 24 months till paid for.

These Trucks come with a 24 month /402,336 KM Warranty on Engine, Transmission and Differentials.
Trucks will be serviced in our shop until paid for. if interested please contact Robert Trites at 506-375-4564 ext. 205 or on his cell at 506-324-3461 or email him at

You can check out our pay package located under the career tab of our website.