Owner Operator Pay Package (Percentage)

Donnelly Farms Ltd. Pays:

  • 88% of gross revenue
  • with Trailer Rent being deducted at 10% of Gross Revenue

Broker Pays:

    • Insurance= $600.00 flat fee per statement + HST (Subject to change yearly upon Insurance Renewal)
    • License= $150.00 flat fee per statement>includes Border Crossing sticker, NY HUT, IFTA and Satellite usage.
    • HVUT (Heavy Vehicle Usage Tax) of 550.00 US (converted to Canadian and current rate of exchange) divided up of 4 statements. HVUT is non-refundable and non-transferable, any monies still owing at the termination of this agreement will be deducted from your final pay.
    • 18.50 + HST per statement for Dash Cam Rental.
    • (License & Insurance still payable if truck has no revenue for that period/Ie: vacation)
    • Special Permits (Special state permits, over length, overweight)
    • Applicable Workers Compensation Rates if domiciled in NB. As of August 1, 2000, any brokers domiciled outside of NB are required to be on their own Workers Compensation.
    • Fuel, company cards available to use and will be charged back on your statement.
    • Reefer Fuel flat fee $250.00 per statement.
    • Weight slips, tolls, lumpers (if not paid by customer) & faxes.
    • Fuel Tax prepared by the company and charged back to you.
    • All Fines & reinstatement fees
    • $100.00 per statement Hold Back to a maximum of $5,000.00.
    • All repairs, outside maintenance must be reported to Donnelly Farms Ltd monthly to the director of Safety and Compliance. NB Motor Vehicle Inspection to be done at Donnelly Farms Ltd. on a yearly basis.