Owner Operator Pay Package (Percentage)

Donnelly Farms Ltd. Pays:

  • 88% of gross revenue
  • with Trailer Rent being deducted at 10% of Gross Revenue

Broker Pays:

  • Insurance= $450.00 flat fee per statement (includes Buy Down Ins. deductible to $5000.00 Subject to Change) Insurance deductible: $5 000.00 per occurrence (Subject to change yearly upon Insurance Renewal)
  • License= $170 flat fee per statement>includes Border Crossing sticker, NY HUT, HVUT, IFTA and Satellite usage.
  • (License & Insurance still payable if truck has no revenue for that period/ie: vacation) HVUT is non-refundable and non-transferable, any monies still owing at the termination of this agreement will be deducted from your final pay.
  • Special Permits (Special state permits, over length, over weight)
  • Applicable Workers Compensation Rates if domiciled in NB. As of August 1, 2000 any brokers domiciled outside of NB are required to be on their own Workers Compensation.
  • Fuel, company cards available to use and will be charged back on your statement.
  • Reefer Fuel flat fee $200.00 per statement.
  • Weight slips, tolls, lumpers (if not paid by customer) & faxes.
  • Fuel Tax, prepared by the company and charged back to you.
  • All Fines & reinstatement fees
  • $100.00 per statement Hold Back to a maximum of $5,000.00
  • All repairs, outside maintenance must be reported to Donnelly Farms Ltd on a monthly basis to the director of Safety and Compliance. NB Motor Vehicle Inspection to be done at Donnelly Farms Ltd. on a yearly basis.