Owner Operator Pay Package (Mileage)

Donnelly Farms Ltd. Pays:

  • 1.20 per mile loaded or empty miles in Canada or the US.
  • Fuel surcharge based on APTA rate. This will paid on a bi-weekly average.
  • $20.00 for first pick or drop
  • $30.00 for pickup or drop after the first
  • Layover of $100.00 after 24 hours
  • 90 miles for NFLD Ferry
  • Reefer fuel
  • Trailer washouts
  • Tolls, ferries, bridges
  • Workers Compensation
  • Special Permits (Special state permits, over length, over weight)
  • All Fines & reinstatement fees unless fault of the Broker.
  • License fees

Broker Pays:

  • Fuel as charged on Donnelly Farms fuel cards. We supply fuel cards-our cost for fuel is your cost. Fuel will be deducted from your statement as charged to Donnelly Farms Ltd.
    • Fuel tax prepared by Donnelly Farms Ltd and charged to the broker.
    • $35.00 flat fee per statement for satellite use.
    • $450.00 flat fee per statement for Insurance. If Broker is at fault in an accident that a $5000.00 deductible will apply. (includes Buy Down Ins. deductible to $5000.00 Subject to Change)
    • Cash advances for personal expenses
    • Any maintenance or repair bills that performed at Donnelly Farms Ltd