Company Pay Package


42 cents per mile For Canadian only Drivers, 48 cents for US Drivers( all miles US and Canadian) + 2 cent bonus paid quarterly + Vacation Pay (1.5 cents/mile-Holiday pay included in rate). With a review after 3 months.

 First pick/drop $10.00
 Picks/drops after the first one $20.00
 Pick up/delivery within an 100 mile radius $50.00 plus mileage
 Trailer shunts-moving a trailer less than 50 miles $15.00 plus mileage
 Authorized hourly work, and load transfers $16.00 per hour
 Wait time (After three hours, at shippers and receivers) $16.00 per hour to a max of $100.00
 Canadian or US layover (after 18 hour wait time) $60.00
On US cash advances we charge 15% exchange on first $100.00 (personal use)
 Full time drivers assigned to their own truck.
 East Coast Truck Wash (off exit 191) to keep the trucks clean at no cost to the driver. (Outside only)

(To qualify you must have a minimum of 100 000 miles per year and accident free)

 1.0 cent per mile after one year employment with DFL
 1.5 cent per mile after two years employment with DFL
 2.0 cents per mile after three years employment with DFL
 2.5 cents per mile after four years employment with DFL
 3.0 cents per mile after five years employment with DFL

You will earn .02 cents per mile paid Quarterly
If you meet ALL of the following criteria:

 Accident free (Unless accident is not driver fault.)
 No moving violations-(fines, overweight, speeding, logbook, etc.)
 Complete maintenance sheets, mileage, reefer check sheets and weight sheet.
 On time delivery mandatory- Please depart leaving adequate time for delivery
 Use of proper fuel locations (use the locations sent out to you by DFL and make sure that you have the proper tractor and trailer number entered into the fuel pump for statements)
 Get loads weighed at highway scales when possible (if not at a truck stop)
 Accurate logs, as well as filling out all needed information and turn in by Tuesday of each week in a trip envelope with the proper paperwork.
 Complete ALL required satellite messages. Rude, unnecessary messages are unacceptable.
 Keep assigned units clean.
 The use of hand held devices of any kind are prohibited.